Saturday, 22 October 2011


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Every time I think of the Faith/Void split I denounce the Faith side as impotent and weak, then I listen to it and as the Faith play first I convince myself during their 12 songs that they are in fact a good band. Once the record gets flipped though and Void snarl, growl and generally fuck your day up with their bad vibes unlike anything that would have been heard then (or now for that matter) it truly hammers home just how far above each and every band Void are and you again see the Faith as a limp wristed, bored take on music that deserves far, far more.
 Void is just like Joy Divison, Wipers, Bathory, Slayer, Darkthrone, Kraftwerk and Black Flag in the fact that without them many, many bands simply wouldn't exist. They created the blueprint that is negative, intense and focused HC, their songs here represent a nasty side of HC that didn't get built upon until the 90's with the Holy Terror knuckleheads, these songs make you feel dirty and disgusted, they send of signifiers towards hundreds of bands that have copped their style and sends you on a night long journey of digging out records that make you wanna kill yourself to live to.