Friday, 28 October 2011


Striborgs music is best listened to under the influence of an illusion. For a long time Sin Nanna was an enigma of sorts, some sort of mystery, a fable passed down from generation to generation about a true Black Heart who dwells in the Huon Forest and floats through the trees with a velvet cape, and I mean that in no other way than true respect mind you. It now seems that Striborg has been somewhat watered down and discounted by many (including me) due to his patchy and vast catalogue, his heavy exposure in recent years by notable music personalities and more personally- my dealings with him via email.
 I found out that he may perform in a secluded spot sometime soon, now this unfortunately will be as his other project Veils of Darkness but nevertheless it sparked some interest in me that had lay dormant for a year or more. This week I have only listened to Misanthropic Isolation, which is one of his earlier works (recorded back in '98) and become mesmerized by it, once you dismantle those thoughts of this guy selling used CDs in front of you at a local record store and being more than polite, and once you forget his purple velvet cape, hooded jumper and blundstones you will be able to transcend the portals required to get lost in his music once again. This is clunky, incompetent BM played with ice cold spirit and a black heart, each song builds upon the feeling of loss and bewilderment until it all crashes down in the final 3 minute burst. Easily my favourite recording of his due to its very nature and putrid yet melancholy spirit these batch of outpourings have given me a new found respect for Sin Nanna (especially in his early incarnations) and makes me want to delve deeper into my collection of his works for fear of missing something crucial the first time round, for as each season passes the different eras of Striborgs music ebb and flow into ones consciousness, this is music to get lost in and dream to.