Saturday, 29 October 2011


Easily the best record talked about in this issue.  I wanna say a massive thanks to Tall Rob for hooking me up with this slab of putrid filth, him sourcing a copy from the band themselves meant I didn’t have to constantly hit refresh on the YA webstore and endure the fuck wits that frequent the Jerkbooth.  I have not heard such unhinged, mental derangement on record in a long, long time, fuck, maybe ever even.  The ten songs contained on here rip by so fucking fast that my fingers are sore from flipping the sides, and unlike most fast as fuck bands Vile Gash manage to slip in enough catchy as swine flu parts to make each song memorable, from the vocal patterns on Life-Rot and Scum to the bare knuckled beating that ensues on the closer Incapable.  The lyrics are possibly the bleakest representation of life I have heard in a long, long time, pure hatred not too dissimilar to the cream of the crop Powerviolence bands of yore, Crossed Out namely, yet they put a whole new fed up, wanna throttle every dog that barks or cat that rubs up against your leg vibe to them that lends them to be fresh and intriguing, leaving me wondering what the fuck this guys problem is? Or better yet, what mine is for walking through life blissfully unaware to most morons? I really can’t stop listening to this record and in a day and age of three listens max before filing shit away, total throw away disks and forgettable trend hoppers, Vile Gash stand out above the whole slew, they are legit ragers, intent on not giving a fuck about anyone.  I tried to interview them, and as expected no reply, and in a way that is exactly what I want from a band like this, total disinterest in the scene and anyone else in it, they have seen the leaves fall and fuckheads come and fuckheads go, Vile Gash refuse to be a part of any happy family or friendly hand shake party, they are the outcasts and fuck ups who make music that other fuck ups and outcasts relate to, I was gonna say enjoy, but you don’t really enjoy this 7” as much as you breathe it, inhale it’s rank odour and sit their stoned by its mess and noise.