Monday, 24 October 2011


City Bones is a BM band to me, they play disjointed, noise fucked BM that is coming from a dark, twisted place so far removed from any of the topics commonly accepted and usually associated with BM that it feels odd putting them up beside Bone Awl and Tukaaria, ultimately their sheer ability to baffle, confound and have me second guessing myself was what gave it the nod in the end, writing reviews only happens for those records/tapes or CDS that either arouse or disappoint me, this one did the former. BM is about turning the expected on it’s head, going against the grain and doing whatever the fuck feels right and I feel that is exactly what City Bone have done right here on these two tapes. The first one (S/T) starts off with devastating Ildjarn repetition and precision on “Our Loss”, the riffs and drums instantly lock you in a trance and before you ever have a chance to realize it, they have morphed and grown into another more putrid, uglier beast multiple times over before the three minute track length comes to a halt, the vocals are sheer disgust, pure filth and totally inhumane, they sound like Gacy heaving or Dahmner panting. The underlying seedy feeling seeps to the top making one feel a strong desire to wash or masturbate. On the flip we hear a different bashing altogether “Right to Die” sounds like Burning Hell era Brainbombs, this is where the uncertainty came in for me, don’t get me wrong I love the Brainbombs I just felt odd potentially writing about them in a BM issue, if I was recommended this by a Brainbombs fan having  never heard BM this could potentially be the venomous bite that infected me with a rabid urge to listen to Darkthrone, Bathory and Horna, City Bones have unwittingly (maybe) bought BM to the Pussy Galore fans on their first fucking outing, you can make your own conclusions on how you feel about that, me? I love it. So how does one follow up a double sided head fuck of a tape like the one titled S/T? Bash out four new songs on one side of a cassette in less time than the whole first effort took, that’s how. City Bones returned with “Dead Close” and while the sexually depraved heaving vocals may have been replaced with a drug induced erection maintaining grunt and the guitar work possibly treads slightly more varied territory the result is still the same, punishing. This tape is the sound of the Clockwork Orange rape scene as seen through the eyes of a pottery artist, and by that I (somehow) mean it makes no sense at all to start with, but in the end it manages to all come together. There is not one thing to fault about these two releases, the artwork is inspiring and intriguing, offering a vast array of nothing and everything to mull over while you listen to the perfect soundtrack to that incredulous statement and the music that is encased within it unveils a different wad of discharge each time play is pressed, again, highest recommendation here.