Monday, 9 June 2014


I wanted to clear up some information about this release. I originally made a double tape set to send out in a trade to a friend in Texas who had never heard Carved Cross before, this is what I made for him. As I needed to photocopy the cover I figured I would run a few extra off at the same time along with giving it a catalogue number. This tape requires a special double cassette case for it to be completed, so far I have only found one of these at a refuse centre, so at this point only one copy exists, I don't have one, MN and H don't have one either. When I find another case I will make up another one and so on until the covers I photocopied are all gone. This is by no means an essential piece in the Carved Cross discography, it is merely a way for those who are yet to hear us, hear us. It doesn't feature all of our material and has no material exclusive to it either. It will go out randomly to people I trade with thus giving them a chance to hear us if I think they would be interested in us. I apologise for any confusion surrounding this tape as none was intended.

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