Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I have made my triumphant return from a work trip to China. All will resume back to business as usual as soon as possible.

MN handled the August Newsletter, there was a mixtape sent out with it, so I have been told, I am unaware of who recieved it as well as what was on it, I am sure it was exceptional though.

Pictured above is Septembers Mix Tape. It went out to Kevin Imamura.
The tracklist is as follows.

Spacemen 3-Walkin' With Jesus
A Pregnant Light-Horse Head
A Pregnant Light-Blixen
As Friends Rust-Perfect Strangers
The Get Up Kids-Holiday
A Pregnant Light-Unreachable Arc
A Pregnant Light-Born to Ruin
Killswitch Engage-My Last Serenade

The Smiths-These Things Take Time
A Pregnant Light-Purple Pain
A Pregnant Light-Ultraviolet
Blitz-Flowers and Fire
A Pregnant Light-Ringfinger
A Pregnant Light-Lilajugend
Madball-Smell the Bacon
Das Oath-Smell the Bacon
Madball-Smell the Bacon
Dead Kennedys-Religious Vomit
Dead Kennedys-Moral Majority

Septembers Newsletter is making its way to your mailbox now.

If you made an order from the recent Nocturnal Emissions Catalogue I apologise for the delay, I will respond to all orders as soon as the dust has settled and I am caught up with mail etc.

Thanks for the support