Friday, 5 August 2016


D&O-Dry Insides doesn’t adhere to a strict sound foundation besides that of playing raw, intense underground scrapings. A listen to your discography in chronological order shows equal parts evolution and regression. So let’s start at the beginning. What were the initial ideas present behind Dry Insides and what was the impetus to start this project?

DRY INSIDES- Musical outlets for me always have a goal of projecting a fantasy. This particular fantasy is enveloped in rage. It is a cathartic muse which dances through my subconscious wanderings.

D&O-Your first S/T tape on the inspiring and involved Zeitgeists label is a dense and crude thud of stomping BM sounding punk. At the time of its release this style was pretty common and I was really fucking into your take on it, raw, intense and still quite immersive. This tape however is the obvious anomaly in your discography, with everything coming afterwards adopting a far more punk approach closer in sound to the noiser, slower and more primitive projects of the 90’s. What was the inspiration for this period of the project and why was there such a drastic departure from this sound after this tape?

DRY INSIDES- What is comes down to is the fact that I was not on vocals with that first release. My vocals are way gruffer in approach lending itself to a much more punk aesthetic. It only seemed natural after that tape to make things fully a solo project but the vision has always remained the same.

D&O-Initially I thought the labels on the Dry Insides/Behavior split tape got fucked up and mixed around cause the Behavior stuff here sounded closer to what I would of expected from you on a follow up to the S/T tape. However, over time I came to appreciate this sound of yours more and in many ways I think the project was more fitted to the measured and purposeful approach heard here. Slower, more dominating yet strangely depraved and desperate. Thematically, did much change for you personally that bought about such a clear approach to desperation and yearning as we started to hear on this split tape?

DRY INSIDES- I wanted the vocals to be more expressive, more dominating. I wanted the instrumentation to feel more psychedelic, more pulsing.

D&O- Your “Sacrifice” 7” sounds rawer and slightly more off kilter. It has a more HC edge to it almost, looser and off the rails. The artwork is clean and stark. Again, there are no lyrics so the listener is left to ponder track titles such as “Silence Was No Master” and “Creation of the World” for any insight into your thought process. Is the music you make solely for your own self expression and exploration or do you gain something else from it? Some find a release or enlightenment in playing music while other feel more in tune with their surroundings and self. Fuck, some do it just to get out of the house. What does Dry Insides offer you that any of your other projects can’t?

DRY INSIDES- Well my main project is mostly focused around pop music so it’s safe to say that Dry Insides takes up that shadow side of my psyche. It’s raw and entertaining. People place to many imaginary rules on genre. I want the listener to draw up their own conclusions. That is important to me.

D&O- Your track “Late at Night” from the “Crawl Back E.P” has a pretty much direct Brainbombs feel. From the damn near exact riff structure to the seedy late night vibe those sex pests were best known for. I am gonna guess this wasn’t pure coincidence. Brainbombs were a band that was criminally underappreciated at first, then they polarized people’s opinions after Z-gun zine ran an expose on them and every man and his dog found out about their slash and burn approach, now they have almost outstayed their relevance it would seem. What is it about them that attracted you and how do you detach yourself from the overt filth they spew and not feel dirty and violated yourself?

DRY INSIDES- My favorite thing about Brainbombs is that it is archaic rock music. It is pure, even down to the lyrical content. Nature is violent and human consciousness conforms to this law.

D&O-An odd Religious tone hovers over most of Dry Insides work, but none more so that your most recent “Doorway” tape on Fallow Field. From the cover image featuring a headless statue embracing a cross to song titles such as “Flesh into Form”, “Make Me Holy” and “Paying for my Guilt” it isn’t too far a stretch to see some parallels between yourself and some form of spirituality. Were you bought up in a religious family or area? Why do you inject this sense of wonder and exploration in such an obtuse way when so many other projects seem so blatant about their stance (be it anti religion or otherwise)?

DRY INSIDES- I think religious experience is a tradition lost and desensitized through our modern experience. Spiritual ecstasy is transgressive. Its goal is to dissolve boundaries. It is inherently psychedelic. Most of the lyrical themes in Dry Insides come from a Christian standpoint. In western culture Christ is the ultimate archetype because he represents a overwhelming symbol of grief. Our pain, our anxiety, our thirst to destroy ourselves.

D&O-To follow on from this. Do you feel as if we are experiencing a time of spiritual re-awakening? People that I speak with seem desperate for something to hold onto, some sort of meaning in their lives. Perhaps it is more an age thing and those I associate with are creeping into full blown adult hood which has them questioning every little thing. I get a deep sense of your own redemption (or at least the pursuit of redemption) from your music. Do you see desperation and searching all around you? How do you personally deal with this yourself?

DRY INSIDES- People are desperate for something to hold onto because technology is pushing us into a world we cant seem to grasp. It is a prison all around us. Deep solitude. I do not think we are experiencing a re-awakening into some delusional new renaissance where society as a whole is getting flipped on its head. This is the age of information and information in idle hands is useless. If you want to "re-awaken" yourself go outside, find a place where you cant see a building or a car and listen to yourself breathe. All the information you need is right there.

D&O-You are a graphic artist yourself and you have created some truly stunning work. However, you have tended to work with other artists on your own releases (John from Zeitgeists, M.Bellosi, J.W etc) What do you get personally from seeing others artistic portrayal of your music and how has this in turn benefited your vision for the project? have you done any of the art yourself for Dry Insides?

DRY INSIDES- Basically it just offers a different perspective. It just seems necessary. I have not done any of the artwork for Dry Insides releases and it will most likely stay that way.

D&O-As mentioned before Dry Insides is only one of your projects. Is there clear connections between other recordings you do for other projects? Can you see a distinct line that connects them all or do you try and distinguish each one? Are you creating one body of work or is it more separate pockets and pieces within a loose frame?

DRY INSIDES- Not to sound cheesy... but when you look at a painting hanging on a wall from a distance you are not really focused on the individual brush strokes. I want my music to speak as the lines in between, the framework that makes up a whole. The painting is nothing but a mirror of my personality. Musical expression is just another vehicle of my will.

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