Saturday, 28 October 2017

D&O 2018

DOWN & OUT 2018
I haven't owned a functioning computer since early 2016, that is why the last issue of D&O was done on a typewriter. I recently purchased a laptop to study with and this has opened up a few new doors to me. I have made it clear in the past that I prefer the physical form, and that still applies. At some stages in life you need to evaluate and re-asses, this is one of those points. The last issue I did of D&O looked EXACTLY how I wanted a zine to look, but it came at the cost of time and money, two things that I have far less of now. I attempted to do a new zine with a layout on my new laptop and realised very quickly that it wasn't going to cut the mustard. Going forward I will use this blog to document all the things that would of appeared in a printed issue. I know this is a cop out, and I know that some people won't like it, but this is what I need to do in order to continue to participate in a somewhat scaled back level.

For so long I have rejected technology, but perhaps this was due to the fact that I never fully embraced it. I still haven't. But maybe I should try.

These interviews are already completed and will appear here over the coming days-


I am also working on an interview with WONDERLAND CLUB that will appear in printed form only shortly.

I will publish some reviews here on the blog also....maybe.

Any questions or queries, please direct them to