Saturday, 4 November 2017


The thing I like about “The Blood Calls For W.A.R!” or the Capricornus split is Der Sturmer’s simplistic intolerance and brutality. Those recordings embody the NSBM sound perfectly by tapping into the same prejudices and rejections found in the movement it spawned from. You could hardly call the cavemen like clumsiness on those early recordings “Black Metal”, it sounded far closer to a RAC blend of punk crossed with Absurd or something equally as inept.

“Exalted In War” was recorded live in the studio during 2016, I had steered clear of modern Der Sturmer due to mixed reports, but figured with this being live in the rehearsal space it may showcase their raw and crude form in a better light, hopefully giving me an insight into how to proceed further with this bands latest incarnation.

Unfortunately, the Der Sturmer we are met with here is completely underwhelming, relying on shocking cover photos, full colour war time artwork and knee jerk song titles instead of quality, memorable musicianship. The methodical and regiment induced battering I enjoyed has been replaced by this chaotic mess that does legitimately sound like modern day BM, and by that, I mean boring and uninspired. The once ridiculously glorious vocals that spat forth vitriolic filth are now awash with distortion and sound closer to a Bone Awl clone. The run time is over indulgent for what is essentially a rehearsal tape and all in all there are far better outfits pushing their ideologically challenged worldview in a far more menacing and threatening way. NSBM relies on clear messages, simple structures and a proud heritage, this tape has none of this. It seems as if Der Sturmer are simply going through the motions here.