Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Sir Jacob Hellas from Wasted Paper Zine/Malphas turns his hand at downtempo, waste trodden ambient. I was expecting this to be slightly more pride filled and overflowing with Canadian sympathies due to J. Hellas's body of work so far, instead we are dragged through something that Posh Isolation could have released back when they were still relevant to the underground. This is two tracks or outwards thinking astral plane wandering dirge. Fenriz's Neptune Towers project is actually the most apt comparison I can think of right now, although the Bondage themed artwork juxtaposed against mind bending magic eye cubes and mathematical equations offer insight that perhaps there is more going on here thematically than one might first assume.

The beauty of ambient as meandering as this is that you the listener can imprint whatever impression you want on it, Jacob surely had some design in mind while concocting this one freezing Canadian night, but beyond the song titles "Infinite Regret I" and "Infinite Regret II" and a few seemingly unrelated tid-bits inside the layout, the rest is left up to you. Such disregard can be dangerous and strangely liberating I imagine, allowing others to look at your work and make of it as they will, no statements or manifestos, just an obscure line such as "do Angels ever cut themselves shaving" allows ones mind to wander, tripping the light fantastic only coming to rest as the harsh sound of the tape player cutting off jars you back into reality as the piece runs its course. This really is music to get lost in.