Saturday, 18 November 2017


Obscure and mysterious entity Dobhar Chu return with a second tape of utterly depraved and demented BM filth. While the first tape was a DIY piece of rot dubbed over a Bill Cosby stand up piece (as a side note, I was pretty enthralled in ol' Mr Cosby's routine as it unfolded itself on the B-side, he sounded quite fuckin drunk and had a natural story telling ability in his delivery, in-spite of all his flaws which surfaced later) this second tape leaves behind the instrumental ambience of the first and instead places the jackboot firmly over the throat and pushes down.

Both sonically and visually lifting from traditional BM outta Poland and Norway respectively, Dobhar Chu's approach is caustic and forward propelling. The drum machine being programmed by a psychopath gives this recording a truly unhinged and degenerate feel, at times it is so fast that it feels like a blur of broken rusted metal and snake hiss chants fed through an echo chamber. When this fucker kicks into gear though, it sounds like perfect, inbred BM played by a loner who grew up listening to way too much Ildjarn and Forbidden Citadel of Spirits.

Titles such as "Hymns to the Legions of the Horned One" will give you an insight into the avenue Dobhar Chu heads down, and while I may subscribe to no religious agenda myself, I tend to prefer it when BM of this ilk explicitly does. Artistically you would expect no less from a tape that is presented in such a way as this one is, and Dobhar Chu do not let you down.